Metal centrifugal pumps

Characteristics of the submerged metal centrifugal pumps.
Multistage submerged pumps for well water relaunch and pressurisation.

Some of the models the company produces are listed here

  • Submerged cast iron pumps
  • Submerged AISI 316 pumps 
  • Submerged bronze pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Submerged pumps for deep wells
  • Submerged pumps for artesian wells
  • Multistage submerged pumps
  • Radial submerged pumps
  • Semi-axial submerged pumps
  • Off-shore plant submerged pumps
  • Submerged pumps for agriculture
  • Mining industry submerged pumps


VS Series Submerged Pump + VM Motor

VS Series Submerged Pump + VM Motor

VS Series multistage submerged pumps for clean water and VM Series submerged motors

Small, sturdily constructed submerged pumps with rubber anti-friction bushings equipped with channels to eject any residual sand. High quality, submerged rewindable electric motors. Can be supplied in horizontal solution.
The pumps are available in all sizes between 6" and 12".

Flow rate up to 500 m3/h. Pressures up to 450 m.

Cast iron, AISI, bronze. 


  • Relaunch and pressurisation.
  • Artesian Wells.
  • Industrial plants.