Pompe ing. Calella

Pump production since 1939... when experience makes all the difference


Production and sales of pumps for corrosive and abrasive acids, centrifugal and volumetric pumps, horizontal and vertical axis monoblock pumps or with elastic coupling fitting, also self-priming, peristaltic pumps for viscous liquids, even corrosives or food in accordance with FDA standards, standardised pumps for water treatment, pumps for waste water with open impeller and channels, also self-priming or vertical, multistage pumps for high pressure, also self-priming, circulatory pumps for low and high flow rates, submersible and submerged pumps, geared and cycloidal pumps for viscous liquids, standardised pumps for heating oil, split-case pumps for high flow rates, special pumps, pumps in polypropylene and PVDF, pumps in cast iron, also spheroidal, pumps in AISI 316, pumps in bronze, pumps in duplex, pumps covered in Halar and Abcite, motor pumps.
Our wide range allows us to provide all-around solutions to your pumping problems and, thanks to our vast experience, we will be able to direct you toward the best selection of the various construction types in order to find the best quality/price ratio.
The quality and solidity of our products is well known. All our products are tested before being sold, always placing our customer in the best possible conditions.
We have always been convinced that our work can be gratifying only if it is done in the best possible way and improved day after day... since 1939 we have grown along with all the sectors in the industry. We had the honour of presenting the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele, with the first plastic resin pump designed and made in Italy and from that moment on, acid treatment became the pillar of our work.


Pompe Ing. Calella was founded in Milan back in 1939 by engineer Giuseppe Calella, and it later moved to the current headquarters of Azzate, near Varese.
The company initially operated in the civil and agricultural sector, nevertheless remaining active in research and development, also in collaboration with the Montecatini Company. This collaboration led to the first Italian plastic centrifugal pump, which was officially presented in the presence of King Vittorio Emanuele. From that moment on, the doors of the industry were opened wide and the company diversified production.
In the ’60s, the multistage pumps for high pressures and the pumps for heating were designed, achieving excellent technical and sales results. Some of the many important fire prevention systems include the Pirellone system (which recently extinguished the fire caused by the famous aeroplane accident), the Fiumicino Airport system where the entire water network was also created, the Milan Skyscraper system and many other illustrious customers’ systems.
In the ’70s, with the arrival of Engineer Dino Calella in the company, the plastic pumps series was updated and out of these the self-priming solutions were created. The product underwent modifications that made it even more reliable and safe.
In the ’80s, the company entered the peristaltic pumps field, where it made a reliable product for severe use at high pressure and patented a series of new conception pumps, also in terms of materials, for non-abrasive viscous chemical products and for food products.
As seen over the course of more than 70 years, the company has broadened its fields of interest, but it has maintained and consolidated its specialisation in the chemical sector, developing significant experience in the problems of pumping acids, corrosives, viscous and abrasive, that led to being able to offer a specific product for each pumping problem.
From 1996, with the arrival of Dr. Gipo Calella, the first-born son of Engineer Dino, the company has increased exportation abroad and has promoted its product in many non-European countries.
From 2002, second-born son, Engineer GianMarco Calella, has been committed to developing new products and optimising production, which has always been one of the company’s fundamental prerogatives, concerned with offering quality products on the cutting-edge of technology.
Over the last 15 years, the company has implemented its production range, revamping the models and creating new series of centrifugal and volumetric pumps, both in plastic and metal material.


The most important service our customer provides is problem solving for the customer through product personalisation. This means that our work consists in perceiving the problems that our customers face and indicating the best solution in technical and economic terms, based on the vast experience we have developed in more than 70 years of operation. We do not limit our activities to merely selling pumps, but we offer all-around pumping solutions. In our sectors, we have accumulated a truly enormous case history of problems and over the years we have fine-tuned the best possible solutions.
The pump we offer our customer is tailor built, with specific materials for the body, the impeller, the pipes and mechanical seal in order to guarantee the best thermal-chemical compatibility. Flushing of the seals is chosen in relation to the pumping conditions. Accessories are recommended and, if necessary, they are designed and built ad hoc, only when this is truly indispensable in order to create the best economical solution possible.
One of our golden rules is to provide what the customer really needs, without creating pointlessly costly systems. Solidity is one of the fundamental characteristics of our products. We build pumps that last.
The skills of our technical office are always available for any requests for support, in accordance with another one of our fundamental convictions: never leave the customer to face his problems alone.